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Jennifer is a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist with diversified experience, working with infants in the home, preschoolers through high school aged students in school and young adults in community and work environments

Jennifer has worked in skilled and assisted living facilities and home settings assessing and developing rehabilitation interventions to support an individual’s recovery from illness or injury. Jennifer enjoys educating and empowering my clients to recognize their abilities and developing strategies to restore function or develop compensatory or adaptive strategies to their current function.

Jennifer earned her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Degree from Springfield College in 2008 and has continued her education to enhance her skills and continue to serve more peoples’ rehabilitation and recovery process when she earned her Certification in Lymphedema Therapist Management through the Norton School of Lymphedema Studies in March 2018. She has completed further training in John Barnes’ Method of Myofascial Release massage techniques in August 2017. In 2017, she completed Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Rehabilitation certification and became a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Guide after training with Jennifer Reis, founder of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra. In May 2016, she completed 200 hour yoga teacher training at Samadhi Yoga Studio is Manchester, CT and has taught throughout New England for weekly classes, monthly workshops or seasonal retreats. She also completed Chair Yoga teacher certification with Sunlight Yoga at Sivananda Ashram in the Catskills, NY in June 2016 and furthered her JourneyDance™ training to become a JourneyDance™ Facilitator at Kripalu Yoga Center in the Berkshires, MA in May 2018.
In July 2017, Jennifer founded her business Radiant Journey LLC™ , Occupational Therapy & Integrative Wellness Services to bridge the different modalities that have enhanced her life, personally and professionally. Jennifer brings her extensive trainings and understanding of human anatomy, joint alignment, muscular engagement, exercise and importance of meaningful occupation and holistic approaches to her clients, focusing on each individual’s journey. Custom tailoring each session or visit to support the client’s needs, she sets the intention in sacred space to honor a person where he or she is currently at emotionally and physically to facilitate a client’s growth to reach his or her highest potential. 

Jennifer wants to provide customized therapeutic rehabilitation services to people who are recovering from an injury or illness, whether it is acute or chronic condition that is affecting daily functioning or integrative wellness services to those who are looking to sleep peacefully and restfully with Yoga Nidra, move more gracefully and easily with Yoga and Tai Chi and live more radiantly, awake, invigorated and clear on their life’s purpose during this journey of life. Jennifer is ready to meet you and learn more about your story and where you want to go on your life’s radiant journey!

Professional affiliations include:

NBCOT ... National Board Certification of Occupational Therapists

Holistic Chamber of Commerce

AOTA ... American Occupational Therapy Association

Jennifer lives in the Greater Hartford, CT area with her husband and son and 3 four-legged fur babies and loves embracing the beauty of each day, enriched with the experiences that living in this human body in this world brings forth daily.


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