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Some Thoughts on Self Care

Self care is truly all in the details. It is as critical to our daily functioning as “I will relieve myself when I feel the urge” to a more multistep practice as “I will rise earlier in the morning to take time for X, Y, Z to prepare for my day instead of rushing headlong into the day”. Listed below are some aspects of self care that I have learned and hope some or at least one resonate with you. Take what you want and leave the rest.

1.   Say what you mean every single time so you know you can rely on yourself to tell the truth every single time.

2.   Create healthy boundaries. They can be personal and professional. You create the criteria for how much is too much and when to draw the line. 

3.   Say No. This can be done kindly and firmly. You don’t need to explain your rationale. Saying simply, “I don’t think that will be possible.”

4.   Schedule some time every day to truly enjoy something that will nurture you, whether it’s cooking dinner for yourself or going out for a meal or movie by yourself.

5.   Spend some time alone so you can begin to enjoy your own company.

6.   Spend some time with people who inspire and nurture you and you enjoy being around. Wish well to those that drain your energy and walk away.

7.   Eat well. Play well. Work well. Rest well. Repeat.

8.   Notice when you’re making excuses as to why there’s not enough time, money, access, etc. and then start asking Why not? Maybe the times is not now but anticipate that there will be a time.

9.   Set a daily intention and consider time chunking so that you can set intentions for longer periods of time.



10.  Dream big. Create big. Begin by doing something small, again and again.

11. Give yourself permission to live the life you dreamed about and start living it!


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